Working together on
new sustainable technologies

Sea Further specializes in production,
processing, and application of unique
bio-engineered advanced carbon materials.

About Us

Sea Further is engaged in the development of new generation processes for a clean and sustainable industry...

The company is led by a highly qualified team of which expertise covers business and investment management, and research in the sector of new carbon materials.

Having a diverse team of experienced people on the ground helps to speed up on crucial matters and so to assure a dynamic and flexible mode of action.

About two years ago, the young founder was bringing the idea, ahead of current time, to use some highly performing targeted microbial activities to push further graphene oxide doping. The outstanding experimental results were fast gathering the team on a common vision, which brought rapidly to the creation of the Company.

As a follow up, Sea Further holds one important patent in the field of innovative processing and production of carbon materials for various commercial applications. More precisely, the IP concerns production and processing of doped graphene using biological micro-organisms and non-toxic chemicals. Complete and detailed information can be provided upon request and mutual agreement.

Incorporated and registered in Monaco, Sea Further has plants and headquarters offices also based in Monaco. Its active representation in Europe and North America shall rapidly increase the Company visibility and business activities.

Together we believe in a future where industry meets both environmental and economic goals.

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    Our Vision

    The Company was built with the aim to develop new, sustainable technology for clean processing and production of materials.

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    Our Technology

    Sea Further is the first and only company in the field exclusively applying bio-based processes for doping and modifying carbon materials.

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    Graphene-based compounds are newly discovered, hyper conductive materials, extremely lightweight and entirely composed of carbon atoms.

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