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Sea Further


About Us

Sea Further pioneers clean and sustainable industry processes, guided by a proficient team with business, investment, and research expertise in carbon materials. Our diverse and experienced team accelerates decision-making for dynamic action.

In 2019, the founder’s pioneering concept harnessed targeted microbial activities for graphene oxide doping, inspiring rapid team formation and Company inception. Sea Further holds a significant patent for biologically-based doped graphene production.

Based in Monaco, Sea Further’s plants and offices boost European and North American presence for enhanced visibility and business impact.

Our vision unites industry, environment, and economy for a promising future.


Valentino Iakimov (CEO & Founder)

After two years of research in the field of graphene bio-modifications, Valentino Iakimov graduated with a degree in Biotechnology Engineering, culminating in the successful patenting of the first fully biological method for doping carbon materials with external atoms. Recognizing the transformative potential of these modifications in enhancing material properties, Valentino established Sea Further in less than a year's time. Through a strategic fundraising with experienced entrepreneurs, he secured a pre-seed investment, paving the way for the commercialization of the world's first and only biologically doped carbon materials.

Sea Further reflects the vision of associating respect for the environment and innovation.

Dario Cintioli (Finance)

Dario is an experienced entrepreneur and business angel who transitioned into entrepreneurship after a decade in investment banking. In 2000, he founded RiskMap, a fintech company specializing in financial risk management SaaS. RiskMap's journey culminated in its acquisition by StatPro, a UK-based portfolio analytics group.

Dario served as Director General, overseeing global operations, until the company was acquired by Confluence Technologies in 2019. In 2020, Dario shifted his focus

Fabio d'Angelantonio (Operations)

Fabio brings a wealth of expertise from a distinguished career spanning across renowned international brands. With a profound understanding of marketing and strategic leadership, he's held pivotal roles at companies such as Luxottica (2005), overseeing global marketing strategies for iconic brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley (2009).

Notably, as the CEO of Loro Piana (2016-2021), he led one of the most esteemed names in luxury fashion. This extensive experience, coupled with his academic contr

Alim Khan (Material scientist (Ph.D))

Alim Khan is a highly experienced material scientist with a Ph.D. in Material Sciences and Carbon Doped Materials from the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

He has over 20 years of experience in industrial applications of carbon doped materials, including supercapacitors, hydrogen fuel cells, catalysts, and graphene.

Criselda Cea (Partnerships and Account Manager)

Cris has cultivated her career as a sales and marketing professional following her education in business and completion of an MBA.

reviously, she held positions with international companies focused on expanding their presence in Asia. Her responsibilities included the development of distribution channels and oversight of direct sales.

Alex Albertini (Advisor)

Alex Albertini is presently CEO of Marfin Management SAM, Founder of Factor 8 Shipping SARL and Non-Executive Director of Scorpio Tanker Inc. He plays the role of an advisor to the board of Sea Further, leveraging his experience in industry and stakeholder position in maritime green revolution.

After studying Economics and Business Administration in Aix-en-Provence University, he trained in Insurance and Shipbroking in London before joining Marfin. With more than 20 years in the Shipping industry and more than 10 on top management level, his appetite for new technology and innovation enriches the team with ambition and experience.